Key technology
High-volume market Service robotics
High-end market Humanoid robots
SENTI Hydro-Drive stands as an innovative leap in the realm of robotics, designed explicitly to redefine the dynamics of robotic systems. This advanced drive technology reimagines the core functionalities of robots, introducing a versatile and high-performance solution tailored to the evolving demands of industries reliant on robotics.
Revolutionary load & power density

Enhanced teeth/roller engagement (>4 vs. ~1.5) in SENTI gearings boosts load distribution, reducing material strength demands. Larger gear teeth pitch diameters further enhance load shearing. Hydraulic pressure rotation up to 420 bars generates formidable torques, limited only by material strength.

Hydraulics without tubes

SENTI integration: The complete, highly integrated drive train in a closed housing eliminates the need for additional pumps, hoses, containers and filters, thus reducing complexity and weight. This advance eliminates common drawbacks of hydraulics and improves profitability in robotics.

Universal actuation device

Hydrostatic actuator functions as a versatile device, serving as a hydromotor, pump, gearbox, clutch, or brake. It facilitates limit cycle movements for legged locomotion across all four quadrants, offering control to disengage, freewheel, brake, or lock—a pivotal feature for sustained energy autonomy in mobile systems like robots and humanoids.

SENTImotion - Robotics Product Integration
Explore SENTImotion product families tailored for robotics. Product Family I delivers cost-effective mechanical gearing solutions compatible with conventional robotic mechanisms. Product Family II offers superior hydrostatic machine capabilities, providing unmatched torque, power density, and energetic efficiency for robotics.
SENTI Gear Technology - Robotics Application
Delve into SENTI Gear Technology's impact in robotics, providing longevity, reduced wear, and high load capacity. Its groundbreaking features ensure cost-effective, high-performance gear solutions vital for durable, noiseless, and precision-driven robotic operations.
Robotics Applications & Potential
Uncover SENTI Drive's pivotal role in robotics, addressing affordability, precision, and longevity in robotic joints. Explore its impact on creating cost-effective and efficient robotic solutions for various industries, unlocking new possibilities in automation.
SENTI Hydro-Drive - Actuation in Robotics
Discover how SENTI Hydro-Drive enhances actuation in robotics, enabling high torque density, precise responses, and adaptable functionalities. Its capacity to address the diverse needs of humanoid robots, collaborative robots, and heavy-duty applications elevates robotic performance to new heights.