SENTI Gear pushes the boundaries of what is possible.
Unveiling SENTI Gear Technology
SENTI has pioneered groundbreaking advancements in gear technology with its proprietary innovation known as "SENTI Gearing." This cutting-edge design revolutionizes the traditional approach to gear calculation and design, setting new benchmarks in the industry. Through in-house expertise and relentless innovation, SENTI Gearing introduces an array of transformative features that redefine gear technology.
Traditional gears frequently contend with constraints in torque, power density, and reliability, impeding their adaptability and performance across diverse applications. The industry has long grappled with the persistent challenge of developing robust, adaptable, and efficient gear mechanisms that can overcome these limitations.
SENTI Hydro-Gear emerges as the paradigm-shifting solution, providing unparalleled advantages to tackle the challenges inherent in traditional gears. This state-of-the-art technology functions as a multifaceted component, acting as a top-tier variant gearbox, brake, and freewheel within mechanical systems, propelling their performance to unprecedented levels.
Applications of SENTI Gear Technology:
In-House Expertise & Cutting-edge Design
SENTI has harnessed its extensive expertise to craft SENTI Gearing, an innovation unparalleled in the realm of gear calculation and design. This in-house development showcases SENTI's commitment to pushing the boundaries of engineering excellence.
Enhanced Tooth Coverings & Torque Transmissions
SENTI Gearing offers higher tooth coverings compared to conventional technologies, allowing for stronger torque transmissions within the same installation space. This advancement ensures enhanced performance and efficiency.
Breakpoint-Free Sequence Behavior
An industry-first achievement by SENTI Gearing - the elimination of breakpoints in sequence behavior. This breakthrough ensures uninterrupted operations, marking a pivotal advancement in gear technology.
Surface Contact & Operational Efficiency
SENTI Gearing's innovative surface contact design optimizes efficiency, delivering quieter operation and enabling the realization of previously unexplored designs and variants.
High-Speed Rotor & Superior Performance
Featuring a high-speed rotor with exceptional starting efficiency and a remarkable duty cycle, SENTI Gearing ensures unparalleled performance even under high-speed conditions.