SENTI Hydro-Drive architecture enables economical and real green wind energy harvesting enhanced:
No SF6
No Neodymium
No Diesel
The wings need to face upward into the wind, but why the generator, the gearbox, the control cabinet? 
Why mount the engine room in the sky?

SENTI enables ground-mounted installations for machines, eliminating the necessity for a gearbox, an electronic control system, and inverters. It employs standard generators, significantly reducing the weight and cost of the nacelle. SENTI efficiently harvests energy even at low wind speeds and capitalizes on strong winds by remaining operational without shutdown.
Up to
lower production costs
Up to
lower maintenance costs
Up to
higher power harvest
(Sulphur hexafluoride)
No SF6
in the switchgear due to its elimination
(1kg SF6 is as harmful to the climate as 23,000 kg CO2 - approx. 3kg / wind turbine)
Up to
longer switch-on and running times
Up to
lower CO2 footprint
SENTI - the Real Green

To prevent the todays wind turbines from rusting in the salty sea air, they have to be in operation regularly. A diesel generator is used for this purpose.

SENTI is Honest Green

Instead of producing clean green electricity, todays plants consumes up to a thousand liters of diesel a month.

SENTI Architecture

Only the SENTI pump is located in the nacelle. 
All machines on the ground.

SENTI Wind Technology - Revolutionary Drive System
Dive into SENTI's innovative drive architecture, emphasizing frequency conditioning elimination, variable power constant speed, energy harvesting in various wind conditions, and demand-driven power solutions. Highlight its ability to offer pure sine wave supply without inverters, ensuring efficient energy harvesting and controlled load cycles.
SENTI Wind Technology - Economical Power Harvesting
Unveil the economic advantages of SENTI Wind Technology, focusing on its elimination of the gearbox, reduced maintenance requirements, minimal wear, space, and weight reduction in the nacelle. Emphasize its contribution to reducing maintenance costs and low noise emission for a more favorable overall design.
Standard Wind Turbines Power Control
Explore the intricacies of power limitation and control in conventional wind turbines, emphasizing the challenges faced in maintaining power output within safe limits. Discuss the operating states of wind turbines based on wind speed, highlighting the need for control mechanisms during different wind conditions.
EEG Subsidy Loss in the State of the Art
Discuss the economic challenges in wind power, citing the loss of subsidies for wind turbines and the potential shutdown without replacement. Highlight SENTI Technology's role in making wind power economically viable without subsidies, paving the way for sustainable and self-sustaining wind energy solutions.