SENTI Hydro-Drive architecture enables economical water energy harvesting
SENTI Water Technology leads the charge in revolutionizing water power systems with innovative, sustainable approaches to hydropower. This cutting-edge technology introduces groundbreaking solutions, transforming water-based energy generation while prioritizing environmental conservation and preserving aquatic ecosystems.
SENTI Technology - Fish-friendly Hydroelectricity
Explore SENTI Technology's role in safeguarding fish and aquatic life in river hydroelectric facilities. Highlight its ability to operate at slow propeller movements, ensuring unharmed fish passage and eliminating generator noise, contributing to aquatic ecosystem preservation.
SENTI - Enhancing River Power
Delve into SENTI's capability to harness additional energy from outlet channels of existing power plants, utilizing fast-flowing clean water without disturbance to the eco-landscape. Discuss SENTI's operation with water or bio-oil, minimizing ecological intervention.
SENTI - Efficient River Power Generation
Visualize the underwater installation of SENTI and show the mounted hydromotor and generator on land. Emphasize the function of the water guide plates, which direct the flow into the waterhydromotor: Highlight its ability to offer pure sine wavesupply without inverters, ensuring efficient energyharvesting and controlled load cycles.
SENTI - Diverse Applications of River Power
Explore SENTI's applicability for energy supply companies, private operators, remote communities, and green power investments. Emphasize its versatility in providing sustainable and cost-efficient electricity generation solutions.